Claiming in PiggyFactions is essentially identical to MassiveCraft’s Factions plugin on Java Edition.

Claim System

A chunk is defined as a 16 x 16 x 256 segment of land, and cannot be modified. You can use /f seechunks or /f sc to get a pseudo-visualization of the chunk boundaries. You should have your particle effects enabled. By default, each claim will cost the faction 1 power. This value can be modified in the configuration under Factions should use their power for claims sparingly, or they risk being overclaimed.

In comparison, FactionsPro used an area-based claiming system that claims a 25 x 25 x 256 segment of land. The area-based system was not adopted because the implementation of a chunk-based system was far simpler.


Overclaiming is when a faction claims over an existing claim that belonged to another faction. A faction’s land can only be overclaimed if the faction’s total land claims exceeds that of their current power.

  • To overclaim a faction’s land…
    • Create a claim of your own right at the edge of their territory.
    • From that claim you just created, walk into their territory and claim again.
    • You can continue overclaiming until their power and land have reached equilibrium.
overclaiming gif