Thank you to all the translators who helped translate our plugins.

Table of Contents


If you would like to help translate any of our plugins…

  1. Join the Piggy Hangouts discord server.
  2. Sign up with Transifex by clicking the “Help Translate” button.
    1. Once you’ve created an account…
      1. Notify DaPigGuy#4580 about your Transifex account w/ image proof of account ownership.
      2. You will receive the “Translator” role on our discord server.
    2. After we approve you, you will be able to start translating.
  3. While translating, please keep the following in mind.
    1. Any words wrapped in { }, < >, or [ ] should not be translated.
      1. [ ] rule does not apply to headers, like in /f help.
    2. Any commands (i.e. /f ally) should not be translated.
    3. No colors or text formats should be modified.
    4. Stay consistent with translated words.
      1. If you chose a word to translate Member, use the same word throughout the entire file.
    5. If you are unsure about anything, please ask in the #translation channel once you’ve received your role.


Language Translators
Chinese (Simplified) Taylarity, Aericio, TGPNG, prprprprprprpr
Chinese (Traditional) Taylarity, Aericio, TGPNG, prprprprprprpr
French adeynes, ItsMax123, steelfri_031, superbobby2000
German SalmonDE
Indonesian MrAshshiddiq, SillierShark195
Serbian yuriiscute53925
Spanish UnEnanoMas