Quick Start Guide


  1. Download the plugin from Poggit, or click PiggyFactions.
  2. Install the plugin by placing it in the plugins/ directory.
  3. Start your server to generate the configuration files, then stop the server.


  1. Navigate to plugins/PiggyFactions/
  2. Open config.yml
    1. Setup the data provider that PiggyFactions will be using.
      1. By default, PiggyFactions will use SQLite3. No additional setup is required. (RECOMMENDED)
      2. Optionally, PiggyFactions can also use MySQL:
        1. Change database.type from sqlite to mysql.
        2. Enter your MySQL credentials in the database.mysql field.
        3. Change worker-limit from 1 to 2.
    2. Changing Languages
      1. Navigate to lang/
      2. Available languages are shown in this folder.
        1. To change the default language, simply change languages.default to the language’s file name.
        2. A player can change their own language with /f language <language>.
    3. Toggle whether or not you want to enable forms with commands.
      • By default, this option is enabled. You can still run commands normally, or through a form.

Setting up your Chat Provider

Currently, only HRKChat and PureChat PR-17 supports PiggyFactions.


Tag Name Description
piggyfacs.name Player’s faction name
piggyfacs.power Player’s faction power
piggyfacs.rank.name Your Faction’s rank name
piggyfacs.rank.symbol Your Faction’s rank symbol
piggyfacs.members.all Faction’s total member count
piggyfacs.members.online Faction’s online member count
A sample chat and nametag format for HRKChat.
  1: "&6{{piggyfacs.rank.symbol}}{{piggyfacs.name}} &r&7{{hrk.displayName}}&r: {{msg}}"
  1: "&6{{piggyfacs.rank.symbol}}{{piggyfacs.name}} &r&7{{hrk.displayName}}"


Tag Name Description
{fac_name} Player’s faction name
{fac_rank} Player’s faction rank symbol
A sample chat and nametag format for PureChat.
    chat: '&7[Guest] &6{fac_rank}{fac_name} &r&7{display_name}&r: {msg}'
    nametag: '&7[Guest] &6{fac_rank}{fac_name} &f{display_name}'
    worlds: []


You must use Poggit-CI PR-17 build for PureChat support and set default-factions-plugin to PiggyFactions. All other syntax remains the same. You can modify the rank symbols in PiggyFaction’s config.yml.

Setting up Safezones / Warzones

  1. Run the command /f admin. This will allow you to bypass faction permissions.
  2. Create a Safezone faction with /f create <name>.
  3. Flag the faction as a Safezone with /f flag <safezone|warzone>.
    • This will remove the faction from /f top and prevent other factions from claiming the area.
    • Furthermore, the safezone flag will prevent combat.
  4. Claim Safezone chunks with /f claim <auto|square|circle> <radius>.
  5. While you’re still in admin mode, use /f leave to leave the faction.
    • This will allow you to leave the faction without disbanding it.
  6. Run the command /f admin to exit admin mode.


You’ll have to repeat this process twice: once for Safezone, once for Warzone.

You’re done!