Command Description Permission Aliases
/faction The PiggyFactions command piggyfactions.command.faction.use /f, /factions
/f addpower Add player power piggyfactions.command.faction.addpower  
/f admin Toggle admin mode piggyfactions.command.faction.admin  
/f allychat Toggle ally chat piggyfactions.command.faction.allychat /f ac
/f ally Ally with other factions  
/f ban Ban a member from your faction piggyfactions.command.faction.ban  
/f chat Toggle faction chat /f c
/f claim Claim a chunk piggyfactions.command.faction.claim  
/f create Create a faction piggyfactions.command.faction.create  
/f description Set faction description piggyfactions.command.faction.description /f desc
/f demote Demote a faction member piggyfactions.command.faction.demote  
/f deposit Deposit money into faction bank piggyfactions.command.faction.deposit  
/f disband Disband your faction piggyfactions.command.faction.disband  
/f enemy Mark faction as an enemy piggyfactions.command.faction.enemy  
/f flag Manage faction flags piggyfactions.command.faction.flag  
/f fly Fly within faction territories  
/f help Display command information  
/f home Teleport to faction home piggyfactions.command.faction.home  
/f info Display faction info /f who
/f invite Invite a player to your faction piggyfactions.command.faction.invite  
/f join Join a faction piggyfactions.command.faction.join  
/f kick Kick a member from your faction piggyfactions.command.faction.kick  
/f language Change personal language for PiggyFactions piggyfactions.command.faction.language /f lang
/f leader Transfer leadership of your faction piggyfactions.command.faction.leader  
/f leave Leave your faction piggyfactions.command.faction.leave  
/f logs View your Factions logs! piggyfactions.command.faction.logs  
/f map View map of area  
/f money View faction bank balance  
/f motd Set faction MOTD piggyfactions.command.faction.motd  
/f name Rename your faction  
/f neutral Reset relation with another faction piggyfactions.command.faction.neutral  
/f permission Set faction role permissions piggyfactions.command.faction.permission /f perms
/f player Display player info piggyfactions.command.faction.player /f p
/f powerboost Increases max power piggyfactions.command.faction.powerboost  
/f promote Promote a faction member piggyfactions.command.faction.promote  
/f seechunk Toggle chunk visualizer piggyfactions.command.faction.seechunk /f sc
/f sethome Set faction home piggyfactions.command.faction.sethome  
/f setpower Set player power piggyfactions.command.faction.setpower  
/f top Display top factions /f list
/f truce Truce with other factions piggyfactions.command.faction.truce  
/f unally End faction alliance piggyfactions.command.faction.unally  
/f unban Unban a member from your faction piggyfactions.command.faction.unban  
/f unclaim Unclaim a chunk piggyfactions.command.faction.unclaim  
/f version Display version & credits for PiggyFactions piggyfactions.command.faction.version  
/f withdraw Withdraw money from faction bank piggyfactions.command.faction.withdraw  

Last updated: 06/07/20